How does the tracking work?

It works with a JavaScript based tracker, similiar to Google Analytics. The JavaScript tracking will send visitor date to the OpenInbound analytics backend.

How is my landing page form sending data to OpenInbound?

Using Drupal or Wordpress it's very simple. Just install the connector module. You can also create a custom integration using the API.

Where is the data stored?

All data is stored on OpenInbound's analytics server. There servers are currently located in Germany.

Can I export my data?

Yes, just write us an email and we send you the raw data as CSV. There is no export functionality on the OpenInbound app.

I do not use WordPress or Drupal. Can I still use OpenInbound?

Yes, the tracking code is very easy to add. Just put the tracking script to your website, similiar to Google Analytics. If you want to capture lead data from your forms, you need to integrate the OpenInbound API. You can find more about this on the developer pages. If you need support for this, we can help you integrate OpenInbound. Contact us: lukas.fischer@netnode.ch