Last change 25.05.2018

OpenInbound is a product of NETNODE AG, Neuweg 3, 6003 Luzern.


OpenInbound is an analytics tool to enable personalised user experiences. Therefore, OpenInbound is collecting information about users behaviour. In any case, users are able to opt out of OpenInbound using the "Disable OpenInbound" link provided on the website who have integrated OpenInbound.

Changes of privacy policy

This privacy policy can be changed at any time.

Data we collect

If you visit a website with the OpenInbound script installed, OpenInbound might collect the following data:

  • data you submit via forms
  • actions on the website like page views, clicked behaviour or other custom events defined
  • IP address, browser type, referrer, etc.

Personal data

Personal data like name, e-mail, company name, phone number and more can be collected trough forms. Collection only happens on users action and consent. OpenInbound does not sell data.


You may contact for any further question.